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The Saints Club, Bradenville, PA

Saint Anthony's Society, Bradenville, PA

You can stop by and fill out a membership application. There is a doorbell on the back door. Remember, if you are not currently a member, you will need to be signed in when you arrive.

The Saint Anthony's Society Club in Bradenville, PA is currently in the final stages of a massive rebuilding effort. The interior of the club building needed to be gutted and all systems were found to be in need of serious repairs or replacement. This included new plumbing, new wiring, new HVAC, new ceilings, major insulation, surveillance and alarm systems, new bar equipment and even a new entrance for the club.

Get the membership application here, or pick it up in person when the club is open.

News & Events

We Are Open
Monday 4 pm to 10 pm
Tuesday 4 pm to 10 pm
Wednesday 4 pm to 10 pm
Thursday 4 pm to 10 pm
Friday 4 pm to close
Saturday 12 pm to close
Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm

Daily sign-up
$1 sign-up. Pulled everyday at 9pm.

How to Join!

The Saints allows smoking.
New smoke filter & smoke removal system!

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